Big Standing Letters For Events – Impact Font

Big standing letters made from polystyrene. Available in Impact Font in a natural white finish or painted finish, also available in a glitter finish.

Big standing letters are cut in an Impact font in a standard height of 1000mm high by 200mm thick.  Letters available  up to 1900mm high and 300mm thick. Larger heights are available and would require a dedicated vehicle for delivery as standard couriers don’t take packages that large.

Standard sizes:
500mm high by 100mm thick,
750mm high by 150mm thick,
1000mm high, 200mm thick.
1200mm high by 300mm or 200mm thick,
1500mm high by 300mm or 200mm thick,
1800mm high by 300mm or 200mm thick.

Other fonts and combinations of sizes and thickness of material are all available as all letters are custom made to order.

1000mm high, 200mm thick Impact font standing characters for events. Natural white polystyrene.

Impact font, 1000mm high by 300mm thick, painted finish

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