Polystyrene Letters For Events And Shop Displays

3D Polystyrene letters and logos are the perfect solution for visual advertising and promotions

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Polystyrene letters and logos are custom made to order used for Exhibition Header Panels, Shop Displays, Events and Office Wall Logos and Wall Statements.

Poly letters are available in various finishes, natural white, painted, foamex faced, digital printed foamPVC faced. Lettering may be cut from 50mm high up to 600mm high, 1000mm high in Impact font only.

Letters may be wall mounted or freestanding, used for interior displays or for outside use if painted with masonry paint.

Natural white finish polystyrene letters are cut from sheets of MDFRA grade expanded polystyrene, the letters can be painted with vinyl matt emulsion paint. Customers also use the lettering as a base to glue various other materials to them such as glitter or coloured paper, gems or precious stones or use the letters to cover in florists flowers or mosaics.

Please feel free to contact us by email: sales@proboss.co.uk

Painted Polystyrene letters are first cut from natural white expanded polystyrene and then given two layers of high quality vinyl matt emulsion paint. We use the Dulux Brand of paints because of their high quality and customer service and their ability to match colours to BS and RAL ranges and also to Pantone colours.

Polystyrene Letters with a painted face and natural sides give the letters definition. ideal for shop window displays.

Card Faced polystyrene letters are cut and then a vinyl card is applied to the face of the letters to give a smooth finish. Available in gloss or matt. The letters are available with painted sides in a matt finish using vinyl matt emulsion.

Card Faced Polystyrene

FoamPVC faced Polystyrene Letters. Polystyrene letters with a 2mm thick foamex face. Ideal for events and shop displays.

foamex faced polystyrene letters
foamex faced polystyrene letters

Polystyrene Letters for Outside Use. Polystyrene letters for outside use can be made to order for short term use for outdoor events or permanent exterior use for shop signs. If the letters are required for short term use a we apply two layers of masonry paint. When the letters are required for permanent use outside, we use a higher density Styrofoam, painted to a matt finish. Letters may be faced in gloss or Matt finish expanded PVC.

Digital printed Logos. Logos can be digitally printed and mounted onto card or plastic and then fixed onto polystyrene. This process would be ideal for any exhibition or window display.

Painted Polystyrene Numbers. Make a bold statement with our large polystyrene numbers! Perfect for businesses, these eye-catching and lightweight numbers add a touch of professionalism and style to your storefront or event. Stand out from the crowd and attract customers with our high-quality polystyrene numbers today

The example on the right shows a number  three, 250mm high, 50mm thick, painted orange matt, designed for free standing  on shelving units within retail department stores.

Polystyrene logos For Office wall Displays.  Painted polystyrene logos are used for exhibition displays and are also used for shop window displays and in-store displays and office wall displays.


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Big 3D polystyrene letters, logos, and numbers have become an increasingly popular choice for events of all kinds. These larger-than-life props bring a dynamic and eye-catching element to any occasion, whether it’s a corporate gathering, a trade show, a wedding, or a birthday party. The three-dimensional nature of these props adds depth and dimension to the overall event decor, making them a focal point that captures the attention of attendees.

One of the primary advantages of using 3D polystyrene letters, logos, and numbers is their versatility. These props can be custom-made to match any event theme or branding requirements. Whether it’s a company logo, event name, or specific numbers for a milestone celebration, polystyrene letters can be designed and crafted to suit the occasion perfectly. They can be painted in any color, adorned with patterns or textures, and even fitted with LED lights to create a stunning visual impact.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, big 3D polystyrene letters, logos, and numbers also offer practical benefits for event organizers. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and simple to set up, making them a convenient choice for any event location. Moreover, these props are durable and can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Their size and visibility make them ideal for photo opportunities, ensuring that guests can capture memorable moments with these impressive backdrops.

In conclusion, big 3D polystyrene letters, logos, and numbers have become a popular choice for events due to their visual impact, versatility, and practicality. These attention-grabbing props add a touch of grandeur and customization to any occasion, while also serving as functional elements for event branding and decoration. Whether it’s a corporate event, trade show, or personal celebration, these 3D props are sure to leave a lasting impression on attendees.

email: sales@proboss.co.uk