Shop Display Letters

Shop display letters and shop display logos made from styrofoam and polystyrene. painted in a vinyl matt emulsion to match the customers requirements, matched to pantone or RAL colours.

Window Displays, Shelf Displays , Wall Displays, Ceiling Hanging Displays.

poly letters
poly letters

Shop display letters and logos are made from polystyrene or styrofoam, they are supplied natural finish white or painted. Letters and logos can also be faced with card or plastic, acrylic, hardboard or MDF. Letters can also be faced with a digital image.

Polystyrene letters and logos can be produced up to 1200mm x 2400mm in one piece or larger if supplied in sections.

Polystyrene letters and logos can be cut  in material thickness of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm thick.

Polystyrene display letters and logos can be wall mounted, placed on shelves free standing, free standing shop window displays or hung from the ceiling.

Free standing letters and logos for shop displays often have the bottom of the characters flattened to help the characters stand. Some letters will require internal weighting on the base to aid in the process of making them stand up.

Most large shop display letters over 1000mm high are made in 200mm thick polystyrene and are cut in a font called Impact font or other similar condensed font.

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SHOP DISPLAY LETTERS made from polystyrene

Shop display letters made from polystyrene are a popular choice for creating eye-catching and lightweight signage. Polystyrene, also known as EPS (expanded polystyrene), is a versatile material that is commonly used for packaging and insulation purposes. However, it can also be shaped and cut into various forms, including letters, to create attractive store displays.

The process of creating shop display letters from polystyrene typically involves the following steps:

  1. Design: The desired font and size of the letters are determined based on the specific requirements of the shop display. This can be done using graphic design software or by working with a professional signage company.
  2. Cutting: Once the design is finalized, the polystyrene sheets or blocks are cut into the shape of the letters using hot wire cutting or CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing. Hot wire cutting involves using a heated wire to slice through the polystyrene, while CNC routing uses a computer-controlled machine to carve out the letters.
  3. Shaping and Finishing: After the basic letter shapes are cut, any necessary shaping or detailing is done to achieve the desired look. This may involve sanding, smoothing, or adding texture to the surface of the letters. The edges can also be beveled or rounded for a more polished appearance.
  4. Painting or Coating: Polystyrene letters can be left in their natural white color or painted to match the branding or theme of the shop. Specialized paints or coatings that adhere well to polystyrene are used to ensure durability and a professional finish. It’s important to use paints or coatings specifically designed for polystyrene to avoid damage or melting of the material.
  5. Mounting: Depending on the intended use and display requirements, the letters can be mounted using various methods. Common options include adhesive mounting, where the letters are glued directly to the desired surface, or using hidden mounting brackets or hooks for a floating effect.

Polystyrene letters are lightweight, easy to handle, and cost-effective compared to other materials like metal or acrylic. They offer versatility in terms of design and can be customized to fit different fonts, sizes, and styles. However, it’s important to note that polystyrene is not suitable for outdoor use without additional protective coatings, as it can degrade when exposed to UV radiation and weather elements.

When working with polystyrene shop display letters, it’s advisable to consult a professional signage company or a specialized manufacturer who can provide expertise in design, fabrication, and installation to ensure the best results for your specific requirements.