How To Make Polystyrene Letters

How to make polystyrene letters using a Hot Wand Tool

To make polystyrene letters without needing any expensive equipment other than a hot wand tool that you can purchase online for £10-£15 off ebay.

Start by designing you letters on paper or just print it off using a graphics program. Tape the printout onto rigid 0.5mm thick card.

Cut the letters out of the card using a scalpel. Cut two sets, one for the front of the template and another for the back.

Pin the card to the polystyrene on the face and also pin the second card template to the back of the polystyrene making sure you line them up.

Use the hot wand tool and melt the polystyrene to reveal the polystyrene letter, using the card template to guide you. Hopefully you will get a nicely shaped letter out of the material which you can then paint to your desired colour using vinyl matt emulsion, acrylic paint.

How to cut a 3D letter ‘A’, expanded polystyrene letters using a hot wand tool

You can cut many different typestyles with a hot wand tool, even script fonts like Commercial Script. Electric Hot wand tools can also cut XPS foam shapes.