How To Make Prismatic Letters Out Of Styrofoam

How to make styrofoam prismatic 3D Letters for decorating your home.

Cut the 3D letters with an Electric Foam Cutter Polystyrene/styrofoam Hot Wand Foam Cutting Tool or buy your letters on ebay. The letters supplied on ebay will have a standard profile and will not have a prismatic face, you will need to carve the face yourself.

To carve the front of the letters into a prismatic face you will only require a scalpel and sand paper.

Get creative with styrofoam letters.

In the near future I shall come back to this page and put more information on it, enough information for you to follow to help you make your own prismatic letters for wall displays.

At least you can see what is possible and be assured all you need is a knife and sand paper to shape the letters.

To paint the letters in a silver finish it might be an idea to seal the material first by brushing on two layers of exterior grade PVA or acrylic based varnish before painting the letters with silver. Most silver coloured paints are solvent based paints and they will melt the styrofoam if it is not sealed first.

To be continued………………………………