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‘SALE’ Letters For Shop Display 300mm High

3D Sale lettering for shop window displays. 300mm high measured on the letter ‘S’. Red matt finish all over. Helvetica Bold Font.

Polystyrene Letters

Various sizes are available. 300mm high, 500mm high in Helvetica Bold. 600mm high and 1000mm high is available in Impact font.

Giant Polystyrene Numbers

Giant silver painted polystyrene numbers, 2000mm high, 200mm thick, painted in a silver finish. Big standing numbers for events using the Impact Font.

Giant 3D numbers made from painted polystyrene are available custom cut to order in various sizes and thickness. Ideal for celebration events for business or birthday parties, 
or make an impact with your shop windows installation.

big numbers for events
Large 3D Numbers For Events

Polystyrene numbers for instore and window displays. These are available in a wide range of fonts, and in sizes from 100mm to  2000mm high. They can be supplied in a natural white finish, painted to any colour or glittered in a red, silver, gold, purple or other colour of your choice. These light weight numbers are easy to install.

Giant Prop Letters

Large 3D letters are available custom cut to order 1900mm high by 200mm thick, supplied in a natural white finish polystyrene. These big standing letters are ideal for props for events and displays.

Big standing letters for weddings, letters are made in various heights and in 150mm thick, 200mm thick or 300mm thickness.

Letters can be supplied with a natural white finish, painted finish or glitter finish.


giant prop letters