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3D Letters – Arial Bold Styrofoam letters

We have a small stock of ready made styrofoam letters available.

The letters are 75mm high and 25mm thick. Natural blue styrofoam letters in an Arial Bold font. Available as all capitals or upper and lower case.

Buy through our ebay shop.
3D Letters, Styrofoam Letters. 75mm high, 25mm thick. Price is per 10 characters | eBay

Gloss Faced Polystyrene Logos

Gloss faced polystyrene logos can be made using either a self adhesive vinyl logo or digitally printed logo and mounting it onto a card and then onto fixing it onto profile cut polystyrene to obtain a more dynamic image of a logos.

Contact us for advice and a price.

800mm high Painted Polystyrene Letters

Painted polystyrene letters come in many sizes. Custom cut to the customers requirements.  800mm high letters painted in a particular grey to match the customers pantone colour reference to match their business colours.

The letters were 200mm thick so that they would stand up. One of the letters was base weight inside the bottom of a letter ‘P’ to make it stand up and not fall over.

Contact us for advice and a price. Always happy to help.

Grey painted polystyrene letter ‘P’ with an internal base weight of resin to help it stand up.

Don’t forget to contact us for advice and a price. Always happy to help.

3D Logo mounted onto freestanding clear acrylic

A white painted styrofoam logo mounted onto 10mm thick clear acrylic. Ideal for props on stages for events.

50mm thick logo mounted onto 10mm thick acrylic for a promotional event.
All logos are custom cut to order to the customer requirements.

Animal Profiles in Polystyrene For Displays

Animal profiles of eagles and dragons for shop displays. Up to 600mm high. Examples show 100mm thick polystyrene shapes 600mm high.