How To Make Prismatic Letters Out Of Styrofoam

How to make styrofoam prismatic 3D Letters for decorating your home. Cut the 3D letters with an Electric Foam Cutter Polystyrene/styrofoam Hot Wand Foam Cutting Tool or buy your letters on ebay. The letters supplied on ebay will have a standard profile and will not have a prismatic face, you will need to carve the […]

How To Make XPS Foam Letters Look Smooth And More Solid

To make xps foam letters look smoother and more like painted wood. The process is straight forward but time consuming. Not viable commercially but can make an interesting project for creative folk. First buy the letters already cut to shape on ebay or elsewhere. Sand the letters to shape with a medium or coarse grade […]

Textured 3D Letters

Textured 3D Letters Polystyrene letters and logos with a masonry textured face. Letters are made from expanded polystyrene or xps foam, they are then coated in a layer of fine grade sand and then painted with masonry paint. Letters that have been coated in sand may be used out side for permanent signage as long […]