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Large Foam Letters UK

An Introduction To 3D Polystyrene Letters and Logos

Polystyrene Letters and Logos For Exhibitions, Shop Displays and Events.

Polystyrene logos and lettering custom made to order from 50mm high to 2000mm high, 25mm thick to 300mm thick, used for Exhibition Header Panels, Shop Displays, Events and Office Wall Logos and Wall Statements.



Natural white finish polystyrene letters are cut from sheets of STFRA grade expanded polystyrene,  the letters are then  cleaned ready to be supplied to the customer. Lettering is often painted by the customer using their own paint so as to match any existing paint work on other parts of an existing display. Customers sometimes use the lettering as a base to glue various other materials to them such as glitter or coloured paper, gems or precious stones or use the letters to cover in florists flowers or mosaic.



Please feel free to contact us by email: or phone us on 01202 546540.

Polystyrene letters with a Painted Finish made from natural white expanded polystyrene and then given two layers of high quality vinyl matt emulsion paint. We use the Dulux paints because of their quality, customer service and their ability to match colours closely to Pantone.

Polystyrene letters With A Card Face give a smooth finish to the front of the letters. Available in gloss or matt. The letters are available with painted sides in a matt finish using vinyl matt emulsion.

Styrofoam Letters for Outside Use for short term outdoor events or permanent exterior use for shop signs. If the letters are required for short term use a we apply two layers of masonry paint. Letters are also suitable for permanent use outside with matt painted finish.


Digital printed Logos are mounted onto card or plastic and then fixed onto polystyrene. This process would be ideal for any exhibition or window display.
An example of a digital printed vinyl logo mounted onto 2mm foam PVC then fixed onto 75mm thick painted polystyrene.

Large Polystyrene Letters are used for shop window displays and business events and celebrations, they have also been used in Offices as visual logo displays. Other uses for large lettering includes commercial photo shoots and website promotions.

Large 3D Logos are used for shop displays in Department Stores.
Example of a Logo for a designer Kitchenware Business, 1700mm x 700mm x 400mm thick, painted grey with white Matt face. Designed for hanging from a ceiling in a London Department Store.


Big 3D Numbers for use in shop displays, may be fixed to walls or for use as freestanding numerals on shelving units within shop display systems. An effective way of visual communication.

The example shows a number  three, 250mm high, 50mm thick, painted orange matt, designed for free standing  on shelving units within retail department stores.

Polystyrene logos For Office wall Displays are used for exhibition displays and are also used for shop window displays and in-store displays and office wall displays.

3D Polystyrene lettering for Events




Shop Display Letters

Shop display letters and shop display logos made from styrofoam and polystyrene. painted in a vinyl matt emulsion to match the customers requirements, matched to pantone or RAL colours.

Window displays

Shelf Displays.

Brushed Aluminium Foil Faced Polystyrene logo Text.

Ceiling Hanging Displays.

50th Birthday Event Numbers

50th birthday event numbers, available 1000mm high by 200mm thick, free standing. Impact font.



Love Love Me Do

An image of a polystyrene wall display for a florists.


3D Logos For Office and Reception Logo Displays

Office wall logos and business reception logos made from painted styrofoam.

3D Logo 750mm x 750mm by 100mm thick.

Looks great in any office or reception. Mounted onto the wall with either VHB tape or contact adhesive for permanent or temporary wall displays.