Large 3D Numbers For Events

Large 3D numbers made of polystyrene for Events, Business celebrations, Birthdays, Shop Displays as well as many other creative uses that customers find for them.

All numbers are made to order, from 100mm high up to 1900mm high. Supplied in a natural whiter finish or painted to any colour.


Big 3D numbers for birthday celebration events for business, sports events and other birthday events. 1800mm high, 50mm thick, painted silver.

Large 3D numbers made from painted polystyrene, also available in silver glitter. used for business events or celebrity events, big birthday parties.


1900mm high, 300mm thick, painted red.

Big 3D number 25 was coated in two layers of silver glitter. We used 3kg of glitter to cover them.

We use the Impact font where ever possible because it is one of the most efficient ways of making a letter or number while using the least amount of polystyrene, meaning you can achieve a larger letter on a single sheet of polystyrene and it also travels better because they are easier to box and deliver.


Giant silver painted polystyrene numbers. 1900mm high, 200mm thick, painted in a satin silver paint all over. Freestanding. Impact font.

Giant silver painted polystyrene numbers. +2000mm high, 200mm thick, painted in a satin silver paint all over. Freestanding. Impact font.

Our preferred font to use is Impact font due to its height relative to its width. An average letter in Impact font is roughly twice the height to its width which makes it ideal for large numbers.

For advice and a price, send us an email with your requirements.