Large Display Letters

Utilizing oversized polystyrene display letters at events offers numerous advantages. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  1. Captivating: Large polystyrene letters are highly attention-grabbing and can serve as a focal point at any event. They can spell out the event name, company name, or any desired message.
  2. Adaptable: These letters can be customized in terms of size, font, and color, making them suitable for a wide array of occasions, including weddings, birthdays, trade shows, and corporate events.
  3. Lightweight: Polystyrene is exceptionally lightweight, making transportation and setup a breeze. This allows for flexibility in rearranging the letters within the event space or using them for multiple events.
  4. Economical: The reusability of polystyrene letters makes them a cost-effective choice.
  5. Easy to Decorate: Polystyrene letters readily accept decorations such as paint, glitter, or other materials, enabling seamless coordination with the event’s theme and aesthetic.

In conclusion, incorporating large polystyrene letters into your event can be both enjoyable and effective. They offer a unique way to leave a lasting impression on your guests while effectively conveying your message.

Large polystyrene letters are custom cut to order in various heights. A popular size of 1000mm high, 300mm thick polystyrene letters are available, painted in two layers of vinyl matt emulsion, DIN Mittelschrift Font.

These red letters were supplied for use in the offices of a Finance Company in London.

A larger size of 1500mm high polystyrene letters, 200mm thick, painted in two layers of white masonry paint for outside use, Impact font supplied to wedding event organizers.

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