Large Polystyrene Letters

1000mm high, 300mm thick polystyrene letters, painted in two layers of vinyl matt emulsion, DIN Mittelschrift Font. The letters on this order were supplied for use the offices of a Finance Company in London. 1500mm high polystyrene letters, 200mm thick, painted in two layers of white masonry paint for outside use, Impact font. Purchased by […]

Big Fibre glass letters For Outside Events

Large 3D letters for use outside  The exterior grade letters are weather resistant, durable, base weighted and reusable as well as have a hard surface coating of fibreglass. The letters are 915mm high by 305mm thick made from polystyrene and coated in a layer of fibreglass for strength and durability. The surface is painted in a […]

Polystyrene letters – Who said…?

Big polystyrene letters. ‘Who Said..?’, 5o0mm high, 200mm thick, painted in a vinyl matt emulsion paint Dulux colour Sirocco red to match pantone red 192c. Artwork sent to us a a vector eps file. After making the letters we took some photographs and messed about with them in Windows movie maker. Enjoy.