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Polystyrene Letters – P4P

Big polystyrene letters, painted in a Cyan blue vinyl matt finish, Impact font, 800mm high, 200mm thick.


Old English Text – The Echo

Old English text – The Echo. made from black matt painted styrofoam with a black matt card facing. Supplied to a College in the USA for their college news paper.


CO2 3D Letters for Photographers

Large painted polystyene Letters. 1000mm high, 200mm thick. Large 3D lettering for  photographers.


3D Logos for Exhibitions

Ruby+Ed 3D logos were made from polystyrene.
Painted in a purple pantone 2627c.
1500mm long, 50mm thick.
Painted polystyrene is an ideal solution for the production of logos for use in exhibitions.

The customer supplied the artwork as a vector logo which was perfect for using on our cutters.

One vector logo was supplied in a PDF file which we imported and then resized and cut a number of times for the production of multiple logos.

The polystyrene logos were then painted in two layers of vinyl matt emulsion. We recommend using Dulux paints because of their consistant quality of colour and opacity. Dulux have consitantly been able to match pantone colours to their vinyl matt emulsion paints by custom mixing the colours to our needs.

Polystyrene Logos