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Big Glitter Numbers

Large glitter numbers. Number 25. 1800mm high, 200mm thick. Impact font.

The number 25 was coated in two layers of silver glitter. We used 3kg of glitter to cover them.

We use the Impact font where ever possible because it is one of the most efficient ways of making a letter or number while using the least amount of polystyrene, meaning you can achieve a larger letter on a single sheet of polystyrene and it also travels better because they are easier to box and deliver.

Gold Glitter Letters

Gold Glitter Letters for shop displays, exhibitions and night clubs.

Gold glitter letters are made to order in a wide range of fonts, as well as logos. They can be made from your own artwork sent to us on a PDF file.

The lettering is made from expanded polystyrene and coated in two layers of gold halo glitter.
The glitter size is 040 polyester or PVC glitter and is made in the UK.

Glitter letters can also be used for shop signs if extra layers of clear resin are applied to the glitter.

Gold glitter letters are used for weddings as decorations at the wedding receptions.

Arro Signs.