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Painted Polystyrene Letters

Painting polystyrene letters are usually painted with a vinyl matt emulsion from either Crown or Dulux. The letters are hand painted with two layers.

Paint colours are matched to RAL or BS colour charts as well as some pantone colours. Pantone colours are specifically designed for lithographic printing and paints can be closely matched. The visual effect of painted colours depends on the lighting conditions of the display area in which the letters are placed.


800mm high Painted Polystyrene Letters

Painted polystyrene letters come in many sizes. Custom cut to the customers requirements.  800mm high letters painted in a particular grey to match the customers pantone colour reference to match their business colours.

The letters were 200mm thick so that they would stand up. One of the letters was base weight inside the bottom of a letter ‘P’ to make it stand up and not fall over.

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Grey painted polystyrene letter ‘P’ with an internal base weight of resin to help it stand up.

Don’t forget to contact us for advice and a price. Always happy to help.