Painted Polystyrene Letters

Painted polystyrene letters come in many sizes. Custom cut to the customers requirements. Examples below show 800mm high letters painted in a particular grey colour to match the customers pantone colour reference number to match their business logo. The letters were 200mm thick so that they would stand up. The letter ‘P’ was base weighted […]

‘SALE’ Letters For Shop Display 300mm High

3D Sale lettering for shop window displays. 300mm high measured on the letter ‘S’. Red matt finish all over. Helvetica Bold Font. Polystyrene Letters Various sizes are available. 300mm high, 500mm high in Helvetica Bold. 600mm high and 1000mm high is available in Impact font.

Painted Polystyrene Letters

Painting polystyrene letters are usually painted with a vinyl matt emulsion from either Crown or Dulux. The letters are hand painted with two layers. Paint colours are matched to RAL or BS colour charts as well as some pantone colours. Pantone colours are specifically designed for lithographic printing and paints can be closely matched. The […]

Red Painted Polystyrene Letters

Polystyrene letters may be painted in various colours, we recently did a job where we painted some lettering in a vinyl matt emulsion, supplied by Dulux, colour mixed to the customers pantone reference number. 250mm high, 50mm thick, the lettering was cut in a CompactaBlack font. CompactaBlack font is a very bold style to use and the […]

Polystyrene letters – Smooth Face Painted

Painted polystyrene letters with a smooth matt face in Magenta with black painted sides. 600mm high and 100mm thick in an Arial font. Smooth faced painted polystyrene lettering. Instore shop window display lettering. Suiltable for 3D lettering for Events.